This Cat Loves School So Much, They Even Gave Him His Own Id Badge

There is one student in San Jose high school that is very special and who has taken the meaning of “teacher’s pet” literally. He goes by the name Bubba, and yes, he’s a cat.

Bubba of San Jose, California, was adopted by Amber Marienthal in 2009, and has always done things his own way. Amber’s family tried their best to keep him as an indoor cat, but Bubba made such a ruckus, the family decided it was best to let him roam outside.

Marienthal soon discovered that Bubba wasn’t just sniffing the grass outside, but instead, he was going to school. Two schools to be exact!

This Cat Loves School So Much

Because they live just behind the school, Bubba began finding his way onto the property — and then eventually into the hallways and the classrooms. Students and faculty at Leland High and Bret Harte Middle were at first confused by the friendly feline, but they now look forward to spotting him in the hallways and classrooms.

“We tried to keep him as an indoor cat but he refused to stay in,” Amber Marienthal told Good Morning America.”We have never gotten a complaint (from the schools),” Marienthal added.

Bubba is always the first one to arrive on campus. He sits at the school’s door every morning waiting for teachers and students to arrive.

Marienthal told the San Jose Mercury News that it’s Bubba’s nature to be friendly. He roams both campuses freely and gets along great with everyone.

“He’s really social and he has no fear. He waits for school to start, and he doesn’t come home until all the sports are done,” Marienthal told the San Jose Mercury News. “As long as he’s alive, I think he’ll hang out at the school.”

For the most part, Bubba is a normal high schooler. He sleeps during class, partially pays attention during soccer practice and has his own Facebook account.

He became such a big part of the community that students of the neighboring middle school even petitioned to erect his statue on campus. When this idea failed they instead gave him his very own student ID card.


While this popular feline can’t stay away from school, he’s also teaching many valuable life lessons to his fellow students. Many believe that he has inspired the students to come to school every day, while others mention the calming influence he’s had on them.

“He sat on my lap and took a nap while I was taking my Spanish final,” a student shared.

In addition to getting his own ID, Bubba has also been profiled in the student newspaper and in the yearbook.

Bubba, who doesn’t seem to have any interest in graduating, has been attending high school for about six years now. Marienthal hopes, however, that he will receive his own cap and gown at the 2017 graduation ceremony along with the students who have grown up with him.