Syrians Fleeing Their Country Bring A Cat All The Way To Greece On A Boat

Over the last few months, thousands of Syrians have left their entire lives and worldly possessions behind as they flee violence in their country for Europe. Most of these Syrian families risk their lives to take on the long refugee route to Lesvos island, only this one brought their kitten along with them.The man seen cuddling the kitten was not willing to make this journey without his furry companion, Zaytouna, who’d be lost without him.

This Syrian dude brought his cat “Zaytouna” all the way from #Syria to #Greece #Lesbo Pic by: Tamara VdP on FB

According to reports, the unidentified man carried the young cat from his homeland across the Mediterranean Sea to Lesbos in Greece. The photos of the refugees and their cat were uploaded to social media, and they show the family arrive on shore with the tiny kitten. Since being uploaded, the photos have gone viral. Rescuers who were waiting for the refugees were told that the cat was named Zaytouna, which means “olive” in Arabic. A man was holding the kitten in a sling and was smiling as he let people pet the animal.

Syrians Fleeing Their Country Bring A Cat

This Syrian family brought their beloved cat to Greece ♡ @Refugees_Gr #Lesvos #EuropeSaysWelcome — Tamara (@tamara_vdP) September 10, 2015

The response to the photos of the refugees and their cat has appeared to be positive for the most part. Some social media users have praised the family for bringing their cat with them as they fled Syria.

The journey they undertook is a perilous one. According to the International Organization for Migration, more than 2,600 migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe this year. The Syrian family will probably not be the last to flee to Europe, as Greece has seen 250,000 refugees arrive in the country, and that is just for this year alone.