Amazing Polish “Nurse Cat” Looks After Other Animals In Animal Shelter

One Polish animal shelter has the most adorable prescription for a pet in pain: a cuddly cat nurse named Rademenes, who is living proof that not all black cats bring bad luck.

When Radamenes arrived at the animal shelter he had a severe respiratory infection that almost cost him his life, according to a Bored Panda translation of a report written in Polish. Radames was originally dropped off at the Bydgoszcz Animal Shelter to get treatment for a life-threatening inflamed respiratory tract.

The brave feline’s chances for survival looked bleak, but Rademenes pulled through with the help of veterinarian Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich, Polish TV channel TVN24 reported.

Vet Lucyna, 46, said: ‘He was in a terrible state and I decided that the best thing for him would be to put him down to end his suffering.’

Polish “Nurse Cat” Looks After Other Animals

But after hearing him purr, she and her colleagues worked as hard as they could to save the poor two-month-old kitten. The vet took such a liking to this resilient cat, who was able to make a full recovery, that she decided to take him in as her own.

Now Rademenes lives at the shelter, where he has become an invaluable member of the staff.

When an animal is in pain or suffering, Rademenes the “Nurse Cat” can be heard purring patients back to health. He cuddles, massages and sometimes even cleans other animals recuperating from their wounds or operations.

Whether it’s a dog or a cat, whenever an animal undergoes a serious operation the compassionate kitty sidles up to the patient after they get out of the operating room and showers them with hugs, cuddles and even a few ear licks.

Sometimes when you’re sick, all you need is a loving cuddle or a warm hug to help you through it.

Ms Kuziel–Zawalich spoke of this cat’s caring nature: ‘He cuddles and hugs other poorly animals.‘He cleans them and sleeps with them and pays particular attention to those suffering from serious diseases.

Radames, named by the shelter’s staff after the cat in a Polish children’s TV series, has become a local mascot and hero for what he does each day. People have even begun visiting him at the shelter for good luck!

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