Cats And Christmas Trees – You Better Be Careful This Christmas

There Is Definitely Something About Cats And Christmas Trees

If you’re a cat owner, you might find that your feline is especially attracted to every tree you bring home come Christmas and you should be all too familiar with the sight of your kitty trying to pull down the entire display of all things festive.

It’s still a mystery what it is about this traditional decoration that brings out the tree-climbing grinch-leopard in your (usually very sweet, passive) cat, maybe the ornaments or the blinking lights?

Whatever it could be, rest assured you are not alone.

In this funny compilation video, you’ll see a lot of cats that have a serious ax to grind against Christmas trees.

Whether they climb inside the trees, jump on top of them, or just generally try to pull them apart, these cats would like to take down every Christmas tree they see!