Amazing Furniture Ideas For Cats

If you have cats then this post is perfect for you. Here are some pretty darn awesome and creative furniture for cats. This selection of cat furniture is a must-have and some of them would look pretty cool in your home.

1. Indiana jones cat bridge

Indiana jones cat bridgeYes, this is an Indiana Jones rope bridge, but for cats.

Enjoy watching your cat perilously run across the miniature bridge as it attempts to escape certain harm. Or like in most cases, see your cat turn a bridge into a hammock as it snoozes gently in the middle.

It appears that in order to make it a viable lounging place for your own cat, you will also have to construct an entire Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors to assist Indi-Kitty Jones in accessing it. Look at all those steps and structures Catastrophic Creations has installed leading up to the doorway bridge.

I bet there’s a rolling boulder in there somewhere too.


2. Mini Bedroom For Cat

Mini Bedroom For CatNothing says: “I only live with my cats”, like giving them their own room. Unless you take it to the next level and buy each of them their own bed, complete with side tables and custom made bedding.

This extravagant tiny platform bed allows cats to relax in style thanks to a design that makes it look like a bed made for people, (or even better than most people).

The luxury pet item is made from Paradise wood and includes neat bedside tables, as well as perfectly cat-sized pillows and a mini duvet.

more coming soon…